Please use this form to request removal of Commercial Data from Companies In The UK. 

Commercial Data is data that we claim to have a legitimate interest in. We process this data to provide the content on our website.

This is includes information like:

  • The directorships you have
  • The companies you are associated with
  • This information does not include our Operational Data, such as:
  • the companies that you maybe monitoring for changes,
  • your email address you registered for us to send the monitoring alerts

To request removal of this Operational Data, please use the Operational Data Removal Request Form.

To request removal of Commercial Data, please supply:

  • Your name and email address

  • Provide justification why do you want this data removed.   
    We are not obliged to remove Commercial Data from our website because we have a legitimate interest in processing it.  We will make a balanced judgement if our processing of this data is causing unjustified harm.

  • The Companies House Registration Numbers of any companies you have been associated with, this is so we can locate the data.

  • Links to the pages on our website containing the data you want removed.
  • Attach a scan of some Government Issued Id, such as a driver's license or Passport so that we can be sure you are the person you are claiming to be.  

    We receive a lot of fraudulent requests for data removal.  For example, companies asking for competitors information to be removed.  Without a scan of some proof you are who you say you are we will not action any request, nor reply to your ticket.

Click Here to create a ticket with the above information.