Operational Data is data that we have collected from you when you consented to using our website.

This is includes information like:

  • the companies that you maybe monitoring for changes,

  • your email address you registered for us to send the monitoring alerts

This information does not include our Commercial Data:

To request Operation Data Removal, please raise a ticket specifying that this is an Operation Data Removal request, and supply:

  • your name so we can identify the data to remove

  • the company numbers of the companies you may be associated with so we can find the data

  • attach a scan of some Government Issued Id, such as a driver's license or Passport so that we can be sure you are the person you are claiming to be.  

    We receive a lot of fraudulent requests for data removal.  For example, companies asking for competitors information to be removed.  Without a scan of some proof you are how you say you are we will not action any request, nor reply to your ticket.

Click Here to create a ticket with the above information.