It can sometimes be tricky to determine the legal form of the company you are dealing with.

However it has big impact on how you should trade with the company.  

Should you pay a deposit up front?   What happens if they don't supply the goods or do bad work?  What legal actions can you take to be compensated?

The vast majority of companies that you will deal with are Limited Liability Companies

The The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 defines certain information that a Ltd company is required to supply.

On the company website, company invoices and letters there should be:

  • the legal company name, this will end in the word Limited or abbreviation Ltd.
  • the company's Company Registration Number (typically this is a 8 digit numeric number for UK companies)
  • and the company's Registered Address, this is the official address of the company, and used to serve legal notices.  It may or may not be the actual trading address of the company.

Using this above information you can search for the company on our website